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Online Notetaker Application

Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in notetaking:
  • Must be enrolled in the course (or a co-listed course).
  • The notes do not have to be perfect, but should be legible and provide a synopsis of the material presented in the course.
  • Agree to upload their notes on a regular basis, at least once per week.

If you receive services with our department, send an email to with your course name, course number, and section number indicating you want to be a notetaker.
Step 1: Specify Login Information
  1. Hint: Must be 7 characters. Enter UVA computing ID with leading zeros, i.e. 00mst3k
  2. Important Note: Please make sure this username matches with your Single Sign-On (SSO) username in your school.
  3. Please enter email address that matches the following example: or
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